Southern Man

Friday, January 02, 2009

Day Ten - Movies and Games

After a leisurely morning and early afternoon of errand-running (during which nine-year-old daughter jumped ship to her g'parents for the night) Southern Man and his teens watched movies (Christine and A Wrinkle In Time) and played games (Harry Potter Clue and chess) and then he and teen daughter went to the mall while teen son stayed home to watch football. Daughter got second piercings in her ears, we ate food-court Chinese, and then bought tickets to The Spirit, which turned out to be so dreadful that we both bailed out early and snuck in to other movies - Twilight for her, Quantum of Solace for Southern Man, which was even worse than he remembered. All those quick cuts during the chase scenes just give him a headache. And now Southern Man is eating teen son's left-over cheesy popcorn and blogging and getting ready for bed. Ugh, only a few days till back to work...


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