Southern Man

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day Eight - New Year's Eve!

Whoo Hoo, it's New Year's Eve! And Southern Man more or less has the place to himself today (teen son slept 'till noon, then wandered off to a friend's house) so he did a lot of errands and related running around during the morning, then got out to The Land for a few hours of work on The Shed in the afternoon. He managed to work out the remaining problems with what he had (mostly pulling a couple of curved top plates straight again) and swore a mighty oath to construct his next structure from cinderblocks rather than wood. It was another absolutely gorgeous day and he spent a fair amount of time just sitting and relaxing. Any period of time spent at The Land always recharges his batteries, so to speak. Then, with all of the children at various parties / relative's homes / sleepovers Southern Man headed to his gf's house to ring in the New Year. He expects that 2009 will be the best year yet!


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