Southern Man

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Day Nine - New Year's Day!

Happy 2009 to everyone! After a most leisurly and relaxed morning Southern Man gathered the children from their various activities and spent most of the day just hanging out at Casa Southern Man. He groused a bit about how frustrating it is to find anything that all three will eat - they spurned his offer of spaghetti and meat sauce and garlic bread and salad and chose canned soup and nachos and macaroni-and-cheese instead - but if that's what they'd rather have... And then the four of us went to a local bookstore for a "book date" in which Southern Man purchases everyone one book. Teen daughter (who, like Southern Man, is an avid reader) ended up with three (she had a gift card to burn) so she'll be content for the next several hours. And there's three-quarters of the Twelve Days, gone, just like that.


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