Southern Man

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day Four - Saturday Fun

After an unhurried and relaxed morning (Southern Man's teen son cooked eggs and bacon) the two teens linked up with their pals and asked for transport to the mall, so Southern Man loaded up the truck with that Barbie Jeep, hauled the four teens (his two, plus two passengers) to the local megamall, and then Southern Man and nine-year-old daughter headed out to The Land where Southern Man worked on that stupid woodshed that he should have finished back in July and daughter meandered about all over the place in that Jeep and gathered firewood for tomorrow. It was a bit grey and ominous early but blossomed into a beautiful (if a bit chilly) day with the most spectacular winter-blue sky. Then we headed back to the local beauty salon for some touch-up work on yesterday's manicure, swung by the mall and picked up the teens (the boys saw The Spirit and gave it two thumbs down, and the girls saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and loved it), and headed home for an evening of cleaning up and movies and home-made potato soup and fresh French bread. And Southern Man baked a couple of loafs of his famous banana bread and whipped up a plate of chocolate-chip cookies. Needless to say, no one went hungry tonight. And the sought-for House DVDs did in fact arrive. And now Southern Man and nine-year-old daughter are having their own private Pirates of the Carribean marathon; she conked out early, but Southern Man is still going strong. Hard to believe that a quarter of the Twelve Days are already gone...


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