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Friday, December 19, 2008

Personality Disorders

Southern Man stumbled across a post a while back that described the symptoms of "Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder." The author claims that if any four of these are true, you may indeed suffer from OCPD...
• Is preoccupied with details, rules, lists, order, organization, or schedules to the extent that the major point of the activity is lost.

• Shows perfectionism that interferes with task completion (e.g., is unable to complete a project because his or her own overly strict standards are not met)

• Is excessively devoted to work and productivity to the exclusion of leisure activities and friendships (not accounted for by obvious economic necessity)

• Is overconscientious, scrupulous, and inflexible about matters of morality, ethics, or values (not accounted for by cultural or religious identification)

• Is unable to discard worn-out or worthless objects even when they have no sentimental value

• Is reluctant to delegate tasks or to work with others unless they submit to exactly his or her way of doing things

• Adopts a miserly spending style toward both self and others; money is viewed as something to be hoarded for future catastrophes

• Shows rigidity and stubbornness
Well, Southern Man scores 100% on this one: a solid eight for eight. Just so you know.


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