Southern Man

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day One - Christmas Eve

For Southern Man the Twelve Days of Christmas starts today, Christmas Eve, when he has his three wonderful children for a few hours (not to worry; he gets them back again soon) and ends eleven days later on Sunday, January 4, when he surrenders them back to his ex. And it is also an excuse to write something on the 'ole blog every day. So...

After a frantic morning of last-minute Christmas shopping, Southern Man returned home, set up the gifts for his children, and eagerly awaited their arrival. They did indeed arrive and were most excited and pleased by their gifts, and we just fooled around (while teen daughter took it upon herself to assemble her little sister's new Barbie Jeep) until time to go to Southern Man's parents (known to their g'children as Papa and G.G.) for the traditional (and much looked forward to) Christmas Eve family gathering. This includes reading from Luke Chapter 2 by all of the children (the count is seven now, or six as one of Southern Man's nephews is old enough to have left childhood behind), far more food than anyone can possibly eat, a great slide show on the DVD player and excellent photo books from
shutterfly (both courtesy of Southern Man's sister), a gift exchange (we draw names Southern Man's sister assigns givers and recipients, and there's a $30 limit, but everyone cheats and goes over, and everyone buys something extra for Southern Man's parents), and stockings stuffed with anonymous (or at least pseudo-anonymous) gifts. And everyone had a most excellent time. Believe it or not, there are those who actually dread family gatherings during the holidays. Southern Man can't get enough.

And after returning the children to their mother for their trip to her dads there was one more late-night gift exchange with Southern Man's gf, who is doomed to become Mrs. Southern Man next summer unless she comes to her senses before then. And thus ended another wonderful Christmas Eve. Southern Man cannot begin to count his blessings, so he will simply say
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


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