Southern Man

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day Seven - Errands and More

Both daughters were scheduled to spend tonight with Southern Man's parents, and tomorrow night with Southern Man's sister, so the first item on the agenda this morning was to deliver them to their grandparents. Teen daughter drove most of the way and caused hardly any terror at all. Then Southern Man went to a doctor's appointment and then met up with gf for lunch and a few joint errands. Southern Man then headed back home, roused "Bob," and we headed out to The Land, only to turn around when he got a call from his son - broken down on the highway about forty miles outside of town - and had to head out to rescue him. Kids. So Southern Man did a little work out on The Land on his own, then headed home and made some pretty good chili for dinner. Teen son didn't much care for it, but teen son's friend managed to choke down several bowls. The rest of the evening will be spent getting caught up on the mail, balancing the checkbooks, and watching DVDs - Indiana Jones IV showed up in the mail today, and there is still much Lost and House to be viewed!


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