Southern Man

Monday, December 29, 2008

Day Six - A Beautiful Day

We're halfway through the Twelve Days of Christmas! Today began with nine-year-old daughter's pedicure appointment at the local beauty parlour (she ended up spending the bulk of her Christmas Cash on the manicure, the pedicure, and a ton of makeup) and a little grocery shopping. Then Southern Man's childhood friend "Bob" called and we headed out to The Land and put in a good afternoon's work on The Shed. It sure goes faster and easier with two! And it was an absolutely beautiful day. Nine-year-old daughter tooled around in her pink Barbie Jeep, did some fishing with her pink Barbie fishing rod (do we detect a theme here?), and kept us guessing by sneaking behind us and stealing our tools. There would be pictures if the stupid digital camera was working, but for some reason it won't take a charge. Then Southern Man ended up at the local laundromat for the first time in two decades (his washing machine broke down last week) doing a bit of emergency laundry for teen daughter. Southern Man had promised to cook dinner every night this week, but fortunately everyone was content with pizza and ravioli and ramen tonight. Another good day...


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