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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weekend Update and Photo Dump

Both older children spent the week job-hunting.

Two awesome kids. Don't they look great? Photo by Southern Mother.

At work Dr. S and Southern Man spent some time working on the LittleFe supercomputer in preparation for a supercomputing conference coming up in August.

Dr. S thinking unixy thoughts.

Southern Man and Twelve-Year-Old Daughter are settling into the summer routine. She's content to stay at La Casa and watch her endless shows but by the time Thursday evening rolls around she's ready for some Dad time. Thursday night's Dad Time was shopping with both the girls, who'd managed to eat everything in the casa.

On Friday we just piddled around and then made a last minute decision to go to the water park for "dive-in movies."

The movie was Puss In Boots, which was pretty funny.

Saturday morning Southern Man met friend RCJ over at his mom's house to do a few manly chores.

RCJ and Tula.

Saturday was a daughter day; to celebrate her upcoming birthday we went to the movies (Brave, which was also pretty good) and ate at Red Lobster, one of her favorite restaurants. Her actual birthday is Monday but Southern Man will be out of town for the family celebration at Outback so we had our own. Then Southern Man delivered her to Southern Parents where ham radio operator Southern Father was in the front yard working a battery rig for Field Day.

Southern Father is on the air.

Then Southern Man went home to pack and then on the spur of the moment again took advantage of the season pass and went to a "free" concert at the amusement park.

Trains are cool.

The opening act was a local band called the Wise Guys who had a lot of fun playing a lot of covers and poked a lot of fun at them while doing so. They had a good time warming up the crowd. Southern Man will keep his eye out for them and try to see them again.

The only cure is more cowbell! Not in this pic, but they did several of the great cowbell songs and of course made a big production of it every time.

The headliner was the current lineup of the Little River Band, who last had a hit a decade before the Southern Children were born.

The Little River Band.

Southern Man appreciates it when a band works hard even in a little venue like the amusement park and LRB did not disappoint. They played most of the old hits, covering many in a pretty good medley, did a great job pretending that they really were the LRB (none of the original members remain) and we all had a good time.

And then it was home to pack for the upcoming conference in Boston! Next post will be from BeanTown...


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