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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lasagna and Cobbler and Lemon Bars, Oh My!

Southern Man's daughters were slated to do much of the cooking for our usual Sunday Dinner at the Ancestral Manor. Teen Daughter made lemon bars and blackberry cobbler (with berries right from the blackberry patch out back) and twelve-year-old daughter made a couple of pans of lasagna from scratch, by herself.

Southern Father and twelve-year-old daughter help themselves to lasagna.

Southern Sister's SO, Teen Daughter, Southern Father, and Southern Mother with cobbler and lemon bars and ice cream.

As the pool is now open the young'uns were eager to get into the water while it was still light so there were no table games tonight.

A handsome merman to swim with his little mermaid. The water color is due to the high iron content of Southern Father's well water. Before we knew this (years ago) when we first set the pool up we over-shocked it and the water turned bright orange!

Twelve-Year-Old Daughter dutifully skims and vacuums.

That water cannon has a surprising range, as Southern Man discovered a few seconds later.

Twelve-Year-Old Daughter spends Sunday and Monday evenings with her grandparents so Southern Man came home alone to finish grading last Thursday's exams and contemplate another work week. But at the end of that work week comes another week end! Lord, thank you for giving me the opportunity to provide for me and my family in these uncertain times. Amen.


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