Southern Man

Sunday, June 03, 2012


Today we celebrate multiple birthdays, young and old.

First up was young Second Cousin's party at a local gymnastics center.

The birthday girl with her father. He's another reason to celebrate, having beat the odds on a most dangerous medical condition.

Family was gathered from far and wide for this and a later celebration.

Two special people: Southern Man's grand-uncle and grand-aunt.

After the fun and games here we re-gathered at Second Cousin's home for a birthday celebration of another sort - the 80th (or thereabouts) for many relatives and friends. It would be quite a houseful, including several who drove in from out of state.

The Three Wise Men. Old Men. Whatever. That's Southern Father in the middle.

When eighty years old you are, look as good you will not, eh?

Teen Daughter and a couple of Southern Nephews. That blonde hair is still a shock.

Young 'uns at play. Why, yes, it was all about me this weekend. Why do you ask?

To avoid cardiac arrest or a visit from the fire department, we limited the candles to one per cake.

Southern Sister's SO (in the blue) leads us in a rousing game of "Trivia Through The Decades." That's Southern Sister on the right.

Thank you, Lord, for family. Amen.


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