Southern Man

Saturday, June 09, 2012


Regular readers know that Southern Man is a bit of a geocaching enthusiast, and this morning was a geo-coffee-talk at a nearby Starbucks so Southern Man had the opportunity to meet some of the local cachers in person for the first time. Why, yes, it does count as a find, thus keeping the current streak alive.

Geocachers all have nicknames. Here are members of Team Gilo and the Gators (both couples are well known in the local caching community, having placed hundreds and found thousands of caches), RubiconLaw, Team Tende, and Maxwell Q.

The BungleBees, Ace722, and Great Goodies.

Cache Raiders, half of Team Gilo, and Kande.

Southern Man had a great time putting faces with the names that he's so often seen in cache logs and (occasionally) in emails. He even got a hint on one he couldn't find a few weeks ago, so he can nab that one next time he's in that part of Southern City.


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