Southern Man

Friday, June 08, 2012

Summer Weekend One

That's one week down in the summer session, seven to go (and one hardly counts as Southern Man will spend much of it in Boston). Twelve-year-old daughter has been champing at the bit to get my attention so today we will pretty much just play. She just served breakfast! Later we will go to a movie and geocache, and sometime this weekend we hope to buy a trampoline for The Land (her birthday gift) and pick up our water-park season passes. Sunday is the usual family dinner. And then we start it all over again on Monday. 

In other news, Ace of Spaces has called for a National Day of Blogger Silence. There's background on this at The Other McCain. Go to the link and read why. It will make your blood boil. A lot of bloggers are putting up just one post today (to announce and give information on the NDoBS (gotta love that acronym)) so Southern Man will join them; any pics from activities today will go up tomorrow.


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