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Monday, June 04, 2012

Summer School

Today Southern Man kicks off classes both at his home base and at the local community college where he occasionally moonlights. Much to his delight it looks like the home-base class, which has only a few students, will still be taught and that means a handsome addition to the summer paycheck. Both classes are subjects Southern Man really enjoys teaching and they ought to be a lot of fun, considering it's actually his job. It's a four-day workweek that starts at noon-ish and ends at eight; not too bad.

Southern Man also got approval for travel money to go to a conference in Boston later this month. Not only will he learn cool new stuff - he'll also be able to add another state to his geocaching list. One of the great perks of university teaching is travel (and therefore geocache) on other people's dime; Southern Man rarely turns down an opportunity to do so. In this case he's even staying over the last night and flying back early the next morning, just for a little more sight-seeing time.

Twelve-year-old daughter has also settled into a summer routine - a few days at Southern Parents, the rest at La Casa. She's eager to get out to The Land and see the trailer, a trip Southern Man delayed until he could get out there and scrub it down a bit (which was accomplished a few evenings ago). Both older children are starting new jobs. Teen Daughter is openly wondering what she'll be doing (and where she'll be living) come fall. With all three kids around it ought to be an interesting and fun summer.


At Thursday, June 21, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so your daughter is leaving the nest...what will you do when she is gone? Is she going away for school again? I lived with my folks untill I was 23. Both parents cried when I moved 200+ miles away. Wow...memories. Let her know she always has a home wherever you are.


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