Southern Man

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

Ah, yes, another four-day work week and three-day weekend. Southern Man loves summer!

On Friday Southern Man took Twelve-Year-Old Daughter to the local amusement park to pick up our season passes and ride a few rides...

Twelve-Year-Old Daughter on the Mind Bender.

Southern Man does not do Upside Down anymore.

But he does do the roller coasters.

Saturday was devoted to swimming and geocaching and general lazing around.

Why, yes, there are some geocaches somewhere in this trackless swamp. Southern Man didn't find them.

We took the back way in to one near La Casa.

By the pool.

And on Father's Day Sunday was church and some special treats from Twelve-Year-Old Daughter and the usual Family Dinner at the Ancestral Manor.

Southern Man's adopted nephew excels at imaginative games.

Daughter and Southern Mother.

All three Southern Children and both Southern Siblings were present, making for a two-generation Father's Day at least for Southern Man. Sadly there are no pictures of this not-too-frequent conjunction due to circumstances beyond his control. Happy Father's Day to all!


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