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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Land

Since Google Earth has new imagery (from October 12, 2011, to be precise) it is time for an update on The Land. This post supersedes this older post with the same name. For a much larger and clearer image, click on the photo.

Points of interest, clockwise from upper left, are The Cove (a small portion of the much larger lake), the firepit where many burgers and brats and steaks and s'mores have been grilled and roasted and washed down with copious quantities of beer and where a small boat dock is currently under construction, a small grove of redbud trees and proposed site of a not-yet-built gazebo, The Workshop, a large depression that Southern Man has always had marked for a fish pond, The Barn (followers will see that the south roof has been repaired), The Trailer, a washout that will one day make a lovely goldfish pond and water garden, and the Grassy Knoll, which is Southern Man's favorite fishing spot (The Cove is shallow, but just off the Knoll there's a ten-foot dropoff). And scattered throughout are many piles and stacks and pallets of building materials that is slowly becoming more organized.

That's most of the interesting terrain. To the northwest the spit of land with the firepit juts well out into the lake. North of that is the "Common Lot" with a boat ramp and picnic area shared by all landowners in the division; no one uses it and Southern Man's two five-acre lots border it on two sides so it's really part of his back yard. To the north is another depression that will be the northern part of the future fish pond; just east of that is a pretty solid hackberry treeline that grew up around an old fence. And to the east of that is five or so acres of flat land on which some day, God willing, Southern Man will build a proper Victorian farmhouse.


At Thursday, January 19, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about your mouse problem. It has occurred to me that a FEMA trailer might have come with some inhabitants already, i.e., a nest of mice already making themselves at home. So, the mice may not be "getting in", they may have come with the house.

I know how to get rid of roaches, but a good way of getting rid of a colony of mice (unless you get a cat)...gee, I don't know.

Girl Programmer.

At Friday, April 06, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm extremely interested in your project.It sounds like it will be amazing from your description on Heartiste.

About how much do you think the whole thing will cost? I'm 21 so something like this will be well out of my price range for a while but it's something to look forward to.

At Tuesday, April 24, 2012, Blogger Southern Man said...

At my age I'm not willing to take out a construction loan that I'd be paying on 'till my eighties, so all my projects are pay-as-you-go. Alas, right now I'm working two jobs and have nothing left at the end of the month. But in a couple of years that will change dramatically and I hope to be able to start putting in some major improvements.


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