Southern Man

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Family Dinner

Twelve-Year-Old Daughter flew in yesterday mid-morning for the summer so the apartment will be filled with sound and music and laughter and squabbling daughters for the rest of the summer. It will be great!

A rare conjunction - all three Southern Children together in La Casa.

Southern Son is adept on both keyboards and guitar.

This evening was the usual gathering of whoever is available for family dinner (grilled steak and chicken, to help celebrate three family birthdays) and games (Hand-and-Foot Canasta).

Southern Son and Teen Daughter both engrossed in their smartphones. Yes, Teen Daughter did bleach her hair. It takes some getting used to.

Southern Mother and Twelve-Year-Old Daughter consider their options. The double-dye job of last weekend left her hair about the same color as her mothers.

It was boys against girls tonight. The boys won!

A little post-game music provided by two-thirds of the Southern Children.

Southern Brother put in a rare appearance as well, so Southern Man's entire immediate family - brother, sister, parents, and children - were all present. A good time was had by all. Lord, thank you for family. Amen.


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