Southern Man

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

In honor of those who gave all that this might ever be a banner of freedom.

Southern Man began this busy day assisting old friend RCJ in the conversion of his fiancé into his wife.

As is not unusual for Southern Man's peers, the ceremony was casual and attendance was limited to family and very close friends.

The wedding party. Southern Man did not get the memo about the "casual" part.


The happy couple will honeymoon for a week and return for a reception next Saturday.

Next on the agenda was lunch with family...

Clowning around at Joey's Pizza.

The occasion was to explore the old Paramount Building on the city's historic Film Row, which Southern Sister and her SO have leased to start a coffee shop.

This historic building still has the old film screening rooms.

Twelve-year-old daughter helps with remodeling. This space had been formerly leased by an art gallery.

Southern Brother, a computer consultant, investigates sites for cable runs.

While everyone else was working Teen Daughter, Eldest Nephew, and Southern Man explored the basement.

Mid-afternoon was devoted to a church group picnic at a local park.

Chef Paul mans the grill.

Southern Man led his volleyball team to victory not once, not twice, but three times! We are the champions!

Church Picnic!

Southern Man takes a turn at the grill so Paul can eat.

Eddie takes his horseshoes very seriously.

Of course there was geocaching.

Southern Man with a friend. Oh, and a girl, too.

All in all, a busy and fun Memorial Day. Southern Man hopes yours was equally...memorable.


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