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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Teach A Man To Fish...

...and he'll sit out by the lake all day drinking beer.

Since RCJ was up on this side of town this morning Southern Man dragged him out to The Land to help wrestle some drywall into place. Southern Man hates working with drywall but with RCJ's help the remaining big pieces are up. And then of course there was fishing.

Love that shirt.

We're not sure how that particular fish got its mouth around the hook.

RCJ managed to snag a good lure on the bottom not far from the shoreline and Southern Man goaded him into going out into the (very cold) water to get it.

Those are the tops of the dock pilings Southern Man set up last fall when the lake was low.

That's what it looked like last October when the lake was about two feet lower than it is today. Southern Man thinks he'll go up two more blocks; that ought to keep the dock above water most of the time.

Well, that was fun. After RCJ went home Southern Man got a line on some free solid concrete blocks and picked up twenty of them - at eighty pounds each The Titan was again sitting low on his springs - ran them out to the Land, went back for more, and found that a guy with a trailer had taken the rest. Southern Man would have loved to have had more but twenty is a pretty good haul.

The current secret project (well, not so secret - at least you know it involves drywall) is way, way behind schedule and Twelve-Year-Old daughter arrives on Saturday. Hopefully it will get finished next week before Southern Man's summer classes begin.


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