Southern Man

Friday, January 13, 2012

Four Day Weekend Day 1

A beautiful crisp Friday began with a leisurely drive to a town about an hour southwest to pick up the aforementioned windows, which turned out to be a very full pickup load of various size single pane house windows (the homeowner had just replaced all of her windows). They are earmarked for the future greenhouse but some may be good enough for the addition planned for The Barn. Then as is Southern Man's habit he geocached for a bit on the way home until he got back into cell phone coverage range (yes, it was that far off the beaten path) and became aware that Teen Daughter was rather annoyed by his absence and lack of communication. Or, rather, annoyed by the lack of available transportation as her car is still in the shop and she is not yet comfortable with The Hyundai. So Southern Man reluctantly let the rest of the caches on his list slide and came on in to La Casa and he and Teen Daughter and Teen Daughter's Gay Boyfriend (we'll refer to them as TD and GB from here on out) went out in The Hyundai for stick-shift lessons, which was quite funny. In all honesty she had only a few hiccups and did fine and in Southern Man's estimation needs only a few more trips before she can solo but TD was quite shaken that other drivers had honked and yelled at her and was afraid to try so Southern Man took her and GB by Starbucks (she's hopelessly addicted and during which time kept us amused with a running commentary on the shortcomings of the drivers around us) and then to another friend's house. Since by then it was dark Southern Man decided to wait to run the windows on out to The Land tomorrow and went home and plans to spend the evening tidying up and doing laundry and surfing the 'web and playing games and blogging and generally relaxing. Tomorrow is another day!


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