Southern Man

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Four Day Weekend Day 0

Well the Spring semester kicked off with more of a whimper than a bang; enrollment is way down and Southern Man fears for the future of his job. But probably not for a year or two anyway so he'll put that particular worry on the back burner and move on to more relevant issues, the first being that the students in his oddly-scheduled Tuesday-Thursday-Friday class all have conflicts on Friday and voted to meet an hour earlier on the other two days and therefore Southern Man ought to have most Fridays off this semester, which he will not spend conducting academic research or enhancing his soon-to-be-needed real-world job skills. What's hilarious is if the class had been originally scheduled that way they'd have screamed bloody murder but since they cooked it up themselves it's just fine. And don't think that Southern Man is slacking off; with his adjunct work he goes in at eight like most people but doesn't get home 'till eight four days a week. And he likes it that way. And this week (and this week only) Monday is a national holiday, thus the four-day weekend. And the weather forecast says cold but slightly warming, not much wind, and no rain for the long weekend.

So Southern Man is plotting his weekend, hampered a bit (well, a lot) by a fairly acute shortage of cash (a problem that will be largely remedied at the end of the month and completely so shortly after taxes are filed) but there's enough to keep gas in The Titan and that will have to do. Tomorrow morning he's driving down to a little town about an hour south to pick up a load of free windows (a Craigslist find) and will geocache on his way home (he spent a productive hour at work today plotting them out and printing maps) then run the windows out to The Land and that's about as far as he's planned. Well, Saturday evening he has an invite to dinner with a friend and his fiancée. It's going to depend a lot on whether the weather allows a lot of outside activity or not. But at any rate four-day weekends are a rare treat and Southern Man plans to enjoy this one to the fullest. At least to the extent that he can while on this diet (which by the way is going well and thanks for asking). One advantage: for the first time in his adult life he doesn't think about sex all the time.


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