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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Teaching CS1 With Processing Workshop Day 3

As is usually the case the last day is little more than a brief morning session. We all showed off what we had developed yesterday and the instructors showed us some really remarkable art projects that had been done at least in part with Processing. Southern Man is convinced that this will be the way to go in his Programming I course next fall and he'll probably have his Programming II kids do something with it this spring as a warm up. The funniest moment was at the very end as we were breaking up and one of the other participants asked the room if anyone knew who [Southern Man's geocaching name] was! A fellow cacher, he'd seen a comment from someone attending a workshop at SMU and wondered if it was one of us. Although he began this blog and that hobby at about the same time, for various reasons Southern Man doesn't geocache as Southern Man.

Then it was back home and Southern Man again took his time and did a fair amount of geocaching (again upping his personal one-day record by one) and finally arrived at La Casa at about dark-thirty where he will be more than happy to spend the night in his own oh so comfortable bed.


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