Southern Man

Monday, January 16, 2012

Diet Week Two

The current phase of The Diet is three or four protein shakes per day with one small meal (and no caffeine, no alcohol, no sweets) and Southern Man is doing well. He's not using the recipes in the book but he did look them over to get a feel for the content and his own cooking is pretty close to the plan; in fact many of the recipes were higher carb and higher starch than he cares for. The protein shakes are actually fairly bearable if hot so winter is definitely the time to be trying this and if the scale in the bathroom is to be trusted he weighs less now than at any time since the birth of his twenty-year-old son. And although his middle-aged middle still looks hideous in the mirror all of his pants are noticeably looser and he may have to take an awl to his belts fairly soon. These are all Good Things. Onward to Week Two!


At Monday, January 23, 2012, Anonymous MK@MANFORTHEAGES said...

No alcohol how is Southern Man supposed to go without the Jack Daniels?


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