Southern Man

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Four Day Weekend Day 3

A lovely day (although not quite as nice as yesterday or Friday) that Southern Man began with a little geocaching (he's chasing a trail of clues on what's called a "multi-cache") and then out to The Land (just as the day became a bit overcast and blustery) and did a few outdoor chores and then back to La Casa to shower and pick up Teen Daughter and head out to the Ancestral Manor for our traditional Sunday evening gathering with Southern Parents and Southern Sister and (as it turned out tonight) Southern Son and his girlfriend for home-made pizza and salad and games (tonight it was Quiddler). But that broke up promptly at eight as three of the ladies present are addicted to some new British mini-series so we headed back home to plan tomorrow's outings. Planning is required as we are to some extend a one-car family on weekends as Teen Daughter was traumatized by her earlier lessons and won't drive The Hyundai so we compete for The Nissan. With any luck her car will be out of the shop in a week or so. For tomorrow Southern Man has little planned other than a little caching and an afternoon out at The Land.


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