Southern Man

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Four Day Weekend Day 2

An even more beautiful crisp Saturday began with a meet with good friend RCJ at his older sister's house (and, yes, Southern Man did have a terrible crush on her way, way back in the day) for a few repairs: a dislocated dishwasher and a busted kitchen-drawer rail mount. We re-located the dishwasher and took the broken mount with us but stopped for a late breakfast and a little geocaching first...

Southern Man had searched for this cache on three previous visits and the rookie found it. He found the next one as well making him two for two on the day.

After a quick stop at Wal-Mart for Gorilla Glue we headed out for The Land where we unloaded all those windows and repaired the busted drawer-rail mount (and very cleverly, too!) and did a few easy chores and fished and talked and generally relaxed for a few hours and then went back to sister's house to finish the drawer-rail repair and then parted company briefly (during which Southern Man picked up Teen Daughter and Gay Boyfriend from the friend's house where they'd spent the night and brought them home) only to meet up with good old friend again that evening at his place where his fiancée had prepared a delicious dinner for all of us after which Southern Man spent another pleasant hour in conversation and half-watching The Big Bang Theory and helping resolve a wireless printer issue and playing with their cat. And now he is at La Casa planning tomorrows adventures!


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