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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Teaching CS1 With Processing Workshop Day 0

Southern Man kicked off the Spring 2011 semester with a drive to Dallas for a two-and-a-half day workshop. Normally a four-hour trip, Southern Man took about eight and did a lot of geocaching along the way, edging (by one) his previous personal one-day record. It would have been even more but the geocaching website went down for maintainence at a critical moment.

Two monuments, in two different states. The first was near a physical cache; the second was a "virtual" cache.

As always the most frustrating part of such a trip is battling Dallas traffic, which was at even more of a standstill than usual due to an accident. But Southern Man finally arrived at the Radison and checked out his luxurious accomodations and relaxed in front of the massive flat screen TV for a while and then took a long walk around the block to see what was around and then treated himself to salad and steak and 'ritas at the hotel restaurant.

SMU (where the workshop is actually held) is only half a mile away. Indeed, one purpose of the walk was to make sure that Southern Man could get there from here, as a major interstate cuts between the hotel and the campus, but it looks like an easy stroll. Southern Man is looking forward to picking up the few caches on campus and learning new stuff tomorrow!


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