Southern Man

Monday, May 26, 2008

Southern Man Catches A Snake

While cleaning out an old shed that's destined to be torn down and replaced with a bigger one, Southern Man stumbled across this fine specimen of pituophis catenifer sayi, better known as the Southern Bull-Snake:

Photo credit: friend of a neighbor who had been fishing in the pond behind The Land and happened to walk by at just the right time.

That was one unhappy snake. From the looks of the inside of that shed (which hadn't been cleaned out in a long, long time) it was pretty much a rat motel, with droppings and urine and nest material everywhere. So if that snake had good herd management skills it didn't have to move more than a few feet for meals, with pretty much no fear of predators at all. At least until Southern Man came along.

After the photo shoot Southern Man released the snake back by the lake - but was back on The Land later that evening (in the new truck) and saw a suspiciously similar serpent slithering into his workshop. Perhaps this particular bullsnake has acquired a taste for indoor living. If so it'll turn up again soon.

And Southern Man is pleased to announce that he is overcoming his fear of technology and is actually using the new digital camera.


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