Southern Man

Friday, May 02, 2008

Movie Review - Ironman

Southern Man isn't much for comic-book movies. It's not that he was deprived of comic books; it's just that the (occasional) comic-book purchases made during his misspent youth were more along the lines of Sgt. Rock and reprints from the old Tales From The Crypt line than Spider-Man and Fantastic Four. Heck, all Ironman was to him until recently was an old Black Sabbath song. But he had his daughters tonight and the agenda was dinner and a movie and since it is opening night for the new Ironman movie...

It's pretty good. The cast is solid, the dialog snappy, and the real villian an unexpected surprise. The movie never takes itself too seriously (it is a comic book, after all) and maintains a good sense of humor throughout but manages to provide good semi-believable escapist fun for the grownups as well. For fans, the major players from the comic book are present or are at least forshadowed. The special effects are what you would expect from a movie like this. There's even a touch of romance and social commentary (the latter not overly heavy-handed, as they try to make an anti-war statement without being overly critical of the USA or the military). As comic-book movies Southern Man rates it as one of the better efforts of the last several years. If there's a sequel (and the setup for such was pretty obvious) Southern Man will take the kids on opening night.

Oh, and stay 'till after the credits. You won't regret it.


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