Southern Man

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Summer School I

Well, just a few days ago Southern Man had a two-week May "intersession" course drop into his lap. It's at the local community college where Southern Man has been an adjunct for nearly fifteen years, and it's a course he's taught before and has notes and exams and such already prepared. It's five hours of teaching a day for the next two weeks, and the main downside is that he will not be able to take his precious daughters to school in the morning and make sure teen son gets to the bus every morning. So Southern Man spent most of the evening at his home university updating and printing and copying materials to distribute tomorrow morning. It'll be brutal on the students (no one in their right mind takes a two-week science course, and Southern Man expects that a good third will drop after the first day when they figure out he really does cover an entire semester's worth of material) but given that the prep work was already mostly done Southern Man refers to a class like this as "easy money." And he'll still be able to work out on The Land in the cool of the day evenings if he wishes.


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