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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Southern Man Finds A Boat

On this beautiful Sunday Southern Man spent much of the day out at The Land, which is in much need of work after years of neglect. He mulched and fertilized and watered several trees and worked on his woodpiles (which have gained several beautiful large tree stump sections that will serve quite nicely as sitting places around the future fire-pit) and did a fair bit of mowing. And he found a boat.

OK, we must back up a bit. The Land backs up to a pretty little watershed lake that will from time to time overflow its usual banks and deposit large quantities of flotsam at the temporary high-water mark. And as Southern Man was walking the shoreline and picking up trash and fishing bobbers and driftwood and such he stumbled across what appeared to be a boat hull. Upon further inspection it turned out to be most of an eleven-foot sailboat, "most" meaning that the mast, the centerboard, the rudder, and (worst of all) the outer fiberglass shell was missing so what Southern Man really has is the foam hull and cockpit of what was once a sailboat. Since the outer shell is missing there are no identifying marks so he has no idea what make or model it is or who owns it.

So Southern Man will probably drag it up to higher ground and post a sign ("Found: Most of a Sailboat") and see what happens. If no one claims the wreck he may hang his trolling motor on the back and put it in the water sometime this summer just to see what happens.


At Monday, May 05, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only you would find a boat on land. what a treasure! :)


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