Southern Man

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday In The (Water) Park

'Tis Southern Man's weekend to have his precious daughters, but precious teen daughter opted out (note the "teen" part) and teen son opted to spend the day sleeping (again, note the "teen" part) so precious eight-going-on-nine daughter got to set the agenda. And since the local water park opens today, and since she and I already have our season passes...

It was a fine warm (but not too hot day) and the park was not at all crowded. Southern Man found a couple of beach chairs in the shade and spent the entire day reading and napping and playing games on his cell phone and eating overpriced but very good cheese fries while precious daughter played. We ended up staying almost until the park closed.

And then that evening teen son convinced his baby sister that a trip to the local mall would be a good thing, and so we went to the mall and then to the big chain bookstore by the mall, where Southern Man (as is his practice) bought everyone (including himself) a book. Southern Man's was a remaindered copy of
Neal Boortz's Somebody's Gotta Say It, which has been a fun read so far. Southern Man enjoys political humor.

And now precious daughter is asleep in the midst of the write-your-own-book kit she selected at the bookstore. She goes back to her mother tomorrow morning...weekends with her pass by all too quickly...


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