Southern Man

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Opening Day

Southern Man forgot to mention that this is his weekend with his precious daughers and that they were with him at Ironman. But precious teen daughter opted to return to her mother's house after the movie (busy teen day planned for tomorrow) and precious teen son had his own agenda as well, so precious eight-going-on-nine daughter and Southern Man did a little online shopping and obtained their double-park season passes (amusement park + water park) and headed to the amusement park for our first visit of the season.

As always, precious daughter headed straight for the
swirly rides. Sad to say but Southern Man is getting too old for some of them. Fortunately, there are a couple that precious daughter prefers to ride alone (over and over and over) anyway. And we had a lot of fun and got plenty tired, so it was just fine that we slouched on the couch and watched kid movies for the rest of the evening. Next time she's over (two weeks) is opening day for the water park, so weather permitting we'll hit that one then.


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