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Saturday, November 18, 2006

'Twas The Weekend Before Thanksgiving...

... and yet another weekend when Southern Man is supposed to have all three of his kids but only gets the youngest 'cause the other two are out of town on a Bible quizzing trip. Oh well, he gets them all for four days over the Thanksgiving holidays and that will be fun. And this weekend was fun, too. Southern Man must confess that he's in full Thanksgiving Holiday mode and chances are he won't work his students too terribly hard during the short school week to come.

He did get to surprise his baby girl today. She has a Casio CTK-551 keyboard at home that she just loves. In particular, she loves the built-in sound bank of songs and has worked out some fairly elaborate dances to many of them. Well, that keyboard is at her mom's house and Southern Man decided that this was just not acceptable. So, thanks to the wonders of ebay there was a used but quite servicable CTK-551 waiting for her at casa Southern Man when she woke up this morning. It was worth every penny to see her face light up when she saw it, and she played and danced for a good ninety minutes this evening.

We also headed out to the mall for a matinee showing of The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause this afternoon. The first half was pretty awful (though it did have the best line of the movie) and the second not so bad. Too bad they couldn't have gotten Jim Carey to play the part of "Jack Frost" rather than Martin Short. If you ever get dragged to this one you'll know what I mean. But she enjoyed it, and that's all that mattered. Of course being at the mall we had to shop and she dragged me into Build-A-Bear where she acquired yet another stuffed critter. The Godiva chocolate people were also out in force giving out free samples (including some most excellent peppermint hot chocolate) and that made the entire trip worthwhile right there.

Now we are home and fed (she made brownies tonight, yum yum) and are watching movies. Watching a good flick and cuddling with your baby girl with a plate of brownies and a glass of cold milk - life could be a lot worse.


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