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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Another Busy Sunday

Well, the weekend with the kids ended Sunday morning when I took them to church and turned them over to their mom. Sunday School and the service were fine - then I headed to the noon service at a local megachurch as well (last visit blogged here). That service ran until nearly two o'clock. A friend and I had lunch and watched a movie together, then I headed back to church for the evening entertainment - a teen ice cream social / fund raiser / talent show back at church. My son MC'd and was in a hilarious skit and my daughter played her current recital piece on piano and my baby daughter sat on my lap and that was all just fine with me. Then it was back home to clean up the disaster they left behind - pick up a million gum wrappers and shake all of the crumbs out of my bed and work the gum out of the pillowcases and such.

And tomorrow is another workweek. Bleah. But it looks like I'm eating lunch with assorted friends and family three times this week. My sister promised me some juicy gossip that she doesn't dare say in email so I'm looking forward to that. "I don't repeat gossip," sez Southern Man, "so listen up the first time."


At Monday, November 06, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You go dad. Nice that you are so involved with your kids despite not living with them. Thats really commendable. They are blessed to have you as a dad.

Way to go Southern man!!!!


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