Southern Man

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Praise and Worship

After a Saturday morning at work and an afternoon geocaching (for the first time - post and pics to follow) Southern Man was able to snatch a few hours with his youngest daughter - met her and Mom and Dad and Sister's SO and their adopted child (my newest nephew) at the local buffet for dinner and conversation. The evening was pretty uneventful; we went back home and watched videos 'till she fell asleep.

The Sunday worship service ended with an unusual communion. The elements were available at the alter and anyone who wished to partake could do so alone or in company. I did so with a good friend (same fellow I went geocaching with) and then instead sitting there in the pew feeling sorry for myself and my own pain, I found another friend who I knew was hurting and offered communion to him. Somehow I knew that it would be the right thing to do, and it was. If you're reading this know that I am praying for you, as I know you have been praying for me.

I got to keep youngest daugher throughout the afternoon, which was (again) mostly spent watching DVDs and playing on the computer (she loves the games at orisinal; check 'em out if you like) until time for the evening service. I dropped her off, then instead of staying went to a small-group service with some of my new friends from the local megachurch. They are in the middle of a video series by John Bevere based on his book A Heart Ablaze, which I had purchased earlier on the recommendation of one of these friends) but not yet read all the way through. Given that there only about a dozen of us there, it was just like church; we sang for a good forty minutes, watched the video, and then discussed it for well over an hour. I tried not to say too much (better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt) but did end up talking a bit at the end. I find that I don't agree too much with Bevere (or with the general tone of preaching at the megachurch, for that matter) but it was still interesting and inspirational.

Southern Man can be an opinionated critter and he has an unfortunate tendancy to lecture, and he kind of let that get the better of him tonight. Hopefully no one was permanently offended. But it does remind him that other people do have other ways of praising and worshipping and believing and that he should perhaps have a bit more respect for that. Lord, remind me that Your ways are subtle and that my way of learning about You is not everyone's way. I pray that you would grant me the patience and the wisdom to both teach and learn as I continue to seek the path You have laid before me. Amen.


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