Southern Man

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Working For The Weekend

As Southern Man usually works on the weekends, this old song never really hit home. But now with a rare Saturday off, I kind of see what Loverboy was talking about. I could really get used to the occasional Saturday off.

As previously mentioned, teenage daughter needed a lift to and from a party and I ended up with both her and her little sister. We dropped older sister off at a local park for her party and went shopping at the local Sams. Well, not so much shopping as food sampling. Our local Sams is pretty good about having hot food samples out on Saturdays and we made several complete circuits. Then we ended up back at the park and just played around while the party wound down. They were doing some sort of treasure hunt, which looked like a lot of fun. Then, sadly, I had to take the girls back to their mother.

But then later that afternoon teenage son called to bum a ride to the local guitar store and to the mall, so I ran back to "her" house to pick him up. We also had a good time. We looked at guitars for a while and then he was able to spend much of a mall gift card that I had given him for his birthday last week. I treasure every minute I can spend with those kids - all three of them.

That evening my dealer-baiting accomplice of Friday night got her revenge and dragged me to a family retirement party at a local VFW, where we (or at least I) feasted on cake and the veggie and meat trays. Then we ended up at a local bowling alley, of all places. I hadn't bowled for years and years but still managed to break a hundred. On the other hand, she managed to dump a jumbo sized Pepsi into my good dress shoes. I'll get her for that someday.

The feasting continued on Sunday. After lunch some friends and I went to a local buffet where I probably ate enough to last me three days. And then church that evening was a dinner in the fellowship hall. I kind of fell off the wagon last week and have got to watch my portions and work out every day this week to make up for it.

And tomorrow it's back to work. Sigh. But in five days I get the kids (or at least some of them) so now I'm working for the weekend!


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