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Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Busy Saturday

Yee Haw, another weekend with my kids!

Well, sort of. I picked up youngest daughter and oldest son, but had to drop son off at a teen event. As it turned out, I wouldn't see him again for twenty-four hours. Youngest daughter and I noodled around for a bit, then picked up her older sister after her activities for the day were complete. By then it was pretty late and they were content to watch Monster House and some Season 2 Lost. Son ended up spending the night with some of the other teens and their youth pastor.

Next morning my ex picked up our middle child to take her to a couple of musical performances (one violin, one piano; she's quite a talented young lady); we in turn picked up my mom and more or less followed them: first to a city about an hour south of home for a performance of the Central Oklahoma Honors Orchestra, then to another city about an hour east for a piano recital of recent competition winners. With both girls back in hand, we then headed to yet another city an hour west of home for a 50th-birthday surprise bash for our paster. Oh boy, was he surprised. We picked up oldest son (who had been at a Bible quiz for most of the day) there and finally headed back to Casa Southern Man.

Of course the bickering began as soon as all three were in the truck. The girls wanted to watch movies and more Lost; my son was adamant that Southern Man's sole TV be committed to the evening football game. Fighting over the TV is an ongoing problem so we dropped by Wal-Mart and picked up a cheap thirteen-incher. Oldest son watched the game on that while the girls had their choices on the other set. Peace was achieved but Southern Man, who seldom turns on the TV for himself, now has two of the dumb things. However, the new one has a pretty poor picture and it may well go right back to Wal-Mart tomorrow morning.

Now all three of them are engrossed in Lost. I'll probably just let them stay up as long as they want and deal with their gripes in the morning. Even though they're just watching DVDs it's still great just to have them in the next room. Divorce sucks.


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