Southern Man

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Test Case Workshop Day 0

Day Zero on these workshop excursions is getting there, then sight-seeing and geocaching so the schedule was to leave Southern City in the very early AM, arrive in Boston a little after noon, get settled into the room, and have some fun before the conference kicks off Monday morning. Reality is spending the night at the lovely Chicago O'Hare Intercontinental, courtesy of United Airlines. They even threw in some food vouchers! And it wasn't even their fault. Not entirely, anyway. OK, hardly at all. So after picking up the virtual geocache in the airport Southern Man took the free shuttle to the hotel, rested a bit (all of that sitting around at airports is surprisingly tiring) and then picked up a couple of geocaches in the area and had dinner and drinks at the hotel bar (courtesy of those food coupons!) and was grateful that he wouldn't be spending the night in the airport Starbucks!


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