Southern Man

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

The plan was to meet at Furr's, a cafeteria chain favored by Southern Parents, but the line was reported to be "out the door and around the block" so Plan B was a nearby Chinese buffet.

Unlimited crab legs. Mmmmmm.

Southern Man picked up a few Christmas geocaches and meandered home, where Teen Daughter arrived a bit later. We relaxed and played more chess and watched more Lord Of The Rings and ate (leftovers, to her chagrin; Southern Man wlil not cook new meals until the old ones are gone). Then she retired to her room not long after dusk, leaving Southern Man to contemplate Christmas past, present and future.

Tomorrow begins the real week off: no schedule (well, hardly any schedule) until New Year's Eve, so he hopes to get a lot done. But it's cold outside so less may happen out at The Land than he has planned. First on the agenda tomorrow: long-overdue oil changes and fluid checks on both vehicles.


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