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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Countdown to New Years 4

Southern Man isn't sure what happened to that "not much will happen this week" plan. He had an appointment to give blood this morning (his German-Irish A+ blood has miraculous restorative properties and is therefore in high demand) and then dropped by a friend's mother's house just in time to not help chisel a couple of tiles out of the shower to prepare for the plumber so we went to lunch instead. And then Southern Man switched to The Titan and headed out to the ancestral manor to pick up Southern Father so we could go into town, rent a tow dolly, go back to the manor, coax Southern Daughter's disabled vehicle onto said dolly (we ended up pushing it onto the dolly with Southern Father's pickup), tow the car to a repair shop in town, return the dolly, go back to the manor, and then (since we were on a roll) use the truck to pull one of Southern Father's numerous restoration projects (this one's an early 60s Bel-Air) up near his workshop. And upon returning home Southern Man was about to dig into his leftover lunch when he was reminded by Southern Daughter that he'd promised to actually cook that night so we had baked lemon chicken breasts and rice and Southern Man made himself a delicious strawberry 'rita and we watched Tangled, which is surprisingly good. It was a beautiful day, cool but not at all windy, and the forecast calls for much of the same all week so Southern Man hopes to get out to The Land later this week and both get some chores done and just plain relax before the new semester kicks off next week and Old Man Winter finally makes his appearance.


At Wednesday, December 28, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is a "rita"?

At Thursday, December 29, 2011, Blogger Southern Man said...

Short for "margarita," a mixed drink with tequila, triple sec, grand marnier, and sweet-and-sour. My favorite top-shelf recipe is here.


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