Southern Man

Friday, December 30, 2011

Countdown to New Years 1

Another beautiful day spent outdoors geocaching and fooling around out at The Land. All of the trailer bedding was a little suspect due to the recent mouse problem so it is all currently spinning round and round in seven (yes, seven) laundromat washing machines (the little stackable at La Casa can barely handle blue jeans so bedspreads are out of the question) so tomorrow Southern Man will have crisp clean bedding and may very well stay out there to ring in the New Year. And tonight no one was in the mood to cook so Southern Man and Teen Daughter are feasting on Domino's pizza and chocolate lava cakes.

Teen Daughter would like for everyone to know how clever and witty and beautiful and amazing and fabulous she is. And modest. Let's not forget modest. And angry, because she ordered Southern Man to not publish these pics but he did it anyway.


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