Southern Man

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Countdown to New Years 2

Southern Man hates working with sheetrock with the white hot fury of a thousand exploding suns.

OK, so the little room that Southern Man has been working on now has all the sheetrock up on the ceiling and the light fixture installed, meaning that there is now plenty of light and no more excuses to not work on that room after dark. Actually both floors of The Workshop are now adequately illuminated. He also did a number of outdoor chores including a fair bit of mowing and hogging (there's still lots of places at The Land that have never felt a blade and the shrubs and five-foot-tall Johnson grass comes down a lot easier in December than in June) and re-organizing of woodpiles, which are slowly but surely getting moved further back as part of a general cleanup of the various stacks of stuff around the structures. He also finally figured out where the mice were getting into the trailer and has hopefully dealt with that particular annoyance. And it wasn't really work as it was a beautiful day. Tomorrow promises to be the same.


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