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Friday, October 07, 2011

World Business Forum Day 3

All praise to our secretary, who booked us out on a late flight and gave us a free morning in the city. Southern Man will bring her genuine New York City Godiva chocolate (where he had the most amazing dark chocolate shake ever) and a nice street-vendor scarf. Southern Man spent his morning geocaching and by noon had cut a fairly decent swathe of finds across the city.

The smiley faces are finds. Southern Man had only a single DNF, yesterday at High Line Park. The one at the far left was near the Javits Center; the others, within walking distance of the DoubleTree.

Geocaching in NYC is an experience; it takes real skill to establish and maintain a cache in such a densly populated city, and a bit of both skill and luck to find them. Many were in the tiny parks that are tucked away throughout the city. By noon he had worked his way up to Central Park. After finding a nice cache he was tapping on the iPad to enter the log when he spotted another fellow loitering nearby. Seeing a GPS in his hand Southern Man called out "I'm not a muggle!" and was quickly joined by fellow geocacher PalMedic. After finding that he was from Israel Southern Man gave him the travel bug he'd taken from the cache. And then we spied another couple trying not to be obvious about watching us; they were geocachers on vacation from Eastern Europe. You meet the nicest people while geocaching.

By then it was time to meet at the hotel and take our van to the airport. On the trip Southern Man found that many of the students had gone up to Wall Street to see the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters, which led to discussions on economics and redistribution and corporate greed and productivity and such that extended well into the flights home. And then Southern Man was able to tumble into his own bed for the night.


At Sunday, October 09, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, did the students remark on the awful smell down there? Casey went to pick up a package nearby and just happened upon (sure she did) the scene. She said the smell came from people p*** and s**** on sidewalks and such. Oh, and no showers for some. YUCK! YUCK!

What is your opinion man from the south?


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