Southern Man

Monday, October 03, 2011

World Business Forum Day -1

Yes, that's one less than the usual day zero because it has been quite a day. After a restless night at the land and to the apartment to shower and change Southern Man swung by the chiropractor for his morning appointment and had a routine day at work, ducking out right after his last class to go home and pack. And then there was much pain...

After five hours in bed frozen in the one position that didn't cause him to yell in agony and a couple of hydrocodone Southern Man was facing the very real possibility that he might be making a trip to the ER and might not make it to New York City. But the drugs finally kicked in and he called the night number for his clinic and Thank God his own doctor was on call and after a brief discussion phoned in a prescription for pain meds to a nearby Walgreens but not until making Southern Man swear on all he holds holy that he would come in for a checkup next week. Three cheers for the American health care system!

So Southern Man is gingerly limping around the casa packing his bags and keeping half an eye on the clock. He won't bother to try to sleep tonight but will head out at about four-ish to the pharmacy and then go on to the airport for the six-am flight. New York City, here we come!


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