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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

World Business Forum Day 0

The trip to NYC is somewhat hazy in Southern Man's mind. He does recall that the trip was unusually smooth and that aircraft may have been involved. The only glitch was that he had to wait an hour for his room.

And what a room it was! A huge suite with all the amenities in the DoubleTree, right on Times Square, and all his own. So after crashing for a few hours Southern Man pulled himself together and went exploring, nabbing his first NYC geocache and treating himself to a fine steak dinner at Tads. The Big Apple is a testament to free enterprise. Southern Man picked up three cool neckties for $10 and will hit the seven-t-shirts-for-ten-bucks place tomorrow. The WBF kicks off tomorrow morning!


At Wednesday, October 05, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Years ago, I spent one day in NY, and enjoyed it very much. I went up the Empire State building, and loved the Art Deco architecture. I walked through Macy's and loved the stuff. And, walked to the UN and just took it in.

I saw a show on TV about the history of NY and found it fascinating. It has always had the mindset of "all business", in both senses of the word. The show said (don't know if it is true) that when the English took over New Amsterdam from the Dutch, they offered free passage back to the Netherlands for any of the residents who wished to go. No one went. They were making too much money!

Hope your back will let you enjoy the trip.

Girl Programmer


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