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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekend, Interrupted

Friday began with promise - a run out to The Land to assemble scaffolding and begin on the long-delayed repairs to the south side of The Barn with some cleanup and mowing on the side, back into town to pick up more shingles and roofing nails, to Casa Southern Man for a shower and more stuff, and then back to The Land for the night.

And Saturday morning began with the indolent pleasure of waking in cool comfort and realizing that actually getting up is optional and drifting back to sleep. And then up for a light breakfast and working a crossword puzzle and listing to the CD player and generally enjoying the peace and tranquility that is The Land.

And then a pinched nerve flared up (Southern Man has had lower back problems for decades) to the point that he could barely drive back into town to the weekend clinic for examination (his own general practitioner was not even on call) and to the pharmacy for medications and now Southern Man is confined to The Casa in pain that vacillates between on-the-verge-of-crying to scream-out-loud searing and spends most of his time counting the minutes until his next pain pill.

So it will be a stay-at-home weekend spent watching movies and surfing the 'net and searching for postures that aren't unbearably painful. Oh, yes, and drinking. Southern Man is not a heavy drinker - heck, he's not even a moderate drinker - but he will make every effort to maintain a pleasant buzz until bedtime. Southern Man has not indulged in home-made 'ritas for a while but a pitcher of 'em might be in his future tonight.


At Sunday, September 25, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

listen to yourself....booze and pain pills! Will we be reading Southern Man Obit soon?! Wish I were there to help you out.

At Sunday, September 25, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I indulged in more than the usual drink this weekend, also, but because I had graded a pile of homework from Chinese students that know almost no English at all. Much worse than I encountered when I worked where you work. But, that's part of a whole 'nother story.
Girl Programmer


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