Southern Man

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


One of the tornadoes that swept across Southern Man's state this afternoon plowed through the neighborhood around The Land and left devastation and ruin in its wake. Southern Man came out lucky; his two buildings have only light damage, and the home of his neighbor directly south of his lot is whole. Every other home in the neighborhood is damaged or destroyed. The house directly across the street is missing most of the upper floor; half a dozen homes in the south end of the neighborhood are pretty much gone. The roads are littered with twisted and broken power poles along with debris of every kind. Thankfully, no one in that neighborhood was injured (everyone has a storm room or a cellar out there) but a lot of people lost all that they own, and there were fatalities less than a mile away. Lord, thank you for your mercy and protection on my friends and neighbors. Be with us all as we rebuild after this terrible storm. Amen.

Mentions of the May 2011 tornado link to here; other tornado posts: The Day After and Recovery.


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