Southern Man

Friday, May 20, 2011

Movie Review - On Stranger Tides

In keeping with long-standing tradition Southern Man and eleven-year-old daughter hit the 12:01 AM premier of the latest entry in the Pirates of the Carribean franchise and as is usually the case with midnight movies it was a lot of fun. We were treated to several movie-goers in full costume, including a couple of hot girls costumed as the Penélope Cruz character and a terrific young Jack Sparrow. They opened up an additional theatre just as we arrived so we were among the first in the new venue and found terrific seats. Eleven-year-old daughter, chagrined at having fallen asleep at our last midnight outing, took care to be well rested and had a great time.

It takes Southern Man a few viewings for these films to grow on him; he recalls not caring for the
third installment at all in theatres, but now it's his favorite. That said, he found the film entertaining if a bit convoluted in places. They left some fairly obvious hooks at the end for sequels, of which there may be one or two yet to come. If you liked the first three, you'll like this one as well unless the only reason you liked the others was to lust after Orlando Bloom and/or Keira Knightley or to laugh at the antics of Pintel and Ragetti, none of whom make this one. Too bad, as Knightley is Southern Man's second-favorite pirate after the indespensible Captain Hector Barbossa.


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