Southern Man

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Movie Review - Paul

While casting about for entertainment today Southern Man and eleven-year-old daughter found themselves at the local $2 theatre (situated in the middle of a small but relatively upscale mall, of all places) and found that they ran a $1 special on Tuesdays. We saw Paul, which was chock-full of sci/fi and fandom references and which Southern Man found absolutely hilarious, enough so that he's already ordered the DVD. Yes, the humor was a bit rude for a tween girl but she found it equally hilarious (if for different reasons; toilet humor gets more mileage with her than with Southern Man) and a few bits from the film are now part of her usual banter. It'll be interesting to see how her mother reacts to a few of them. And after the film we found a yogurt-by-the-ounce place and had delicious double-chocolate yogurt with toppings. We may make this a fairly regular Tuesday outing.


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