Southern Man

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday The Thirteenth... also the first official day of Summer Vacation, having knocked out the final lecture of the Spring semester last night. Well, still have to go through those final exams and turn in grades on Monday, so there's a half-day of work right there. And Southern Man will spend most of his free moments this weekend slogging through a paper since the principal author really wanted this final round of edits last week. So it appears that Summer Vacation has started but work has not yet ended. Well, Southern Man will take what he can get since summer school begins in a couple of weeks and if all four classes make that'll mean ten-hour workdays, easily. But today was spent relaxing and watching House with teen daughter and then an afternoon spent working and fishing and cooking and generally puttering around at The Land. Tomorrow is filled with various events - errands in the morning, a mid-afternoon graduation party for teen daughter, game night at a friend's house - and Sunday is also packed from morning 'till night with church in the morning and teen daughter's mid-afternoon graduation ceremonies (large enough that they rent a local convention center; Southern Man will be bringing the iPad) and a church leadership team meeting that evening.


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